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 Okay, after a lot of thought I decided to re-write Caster. There are several reasons for this, characterisations weren't stable, I developed more ideas as I progressed that wouldn't have tied in with the clunkily put together beginning and so forth. Perhaps, the biggest reason is that as I progressed more and more into the story, I started to become ashamed of what I had written in the first... 20 chapters ^^U 

So I'm re-hauling it all. Reinforcing  a few personalities, writing more maturely and most importantly, I'll be trying my best to create a story that will entice and entertain you, the reader.

I hope you'll stick around for the re-write too ^^

The current chapters will all be locked and the new chapters will be posted on a new website. If you feel that you must read the original version, contact me and I will send you all the chapters to 39. Though really, it'd be pretty pointless.

Finally. I would like to say that I'm moving the webnovel to a WordPress account. If you want to keep up with the story, please go to this link.

hireka.wordpress.com/Thank you for all your support!

Random Comic: Arm Spikes

If you haven't seen it on DA, here it is~ I'm quite happy with how this turned out despite the inconsistency. Hopefully, I'll post more short one-shot comics <3

Being an Arch Demon Ain't Easy You KnowCollapse )

The Angel's Feather

Why do I let myself get talked into these skits? XD

Nako the Pooh and Caster Skits

More voice acting shenanigans~  

Oh and I also present this! Done in the style of the Tales Of... skits, it's the first ever Caster Skit~ (Warning, if you haven't read up to date, there are a couple spoilers.) Expect more short, main storyline related skits to be done in this style~

Nako, If You Were....

 Another video/voice clip involving the voice talents of Taito. 

And uh..... this one too OTL

Vincent and Nako's First Voice Clip

I am very proud to announce that we now have a voice actor for Vincent! <3 So without further ado, here is their first ever voice clip together~ Too bad there were some... difficulties.

Of Script Problems and Foreign Languages

And! Our dear voice actor (who goes by the name of Taito) was kind enough to do an extra voice clip after he was inspired by the 'Ten Ways to Annoy...' list. 

Vincent's a Goner

Edit: And Taito continues to be awesome by making this vid for the voice clips too~

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Try not to get a tummy ache from too many sweets, okay?

Which Caster Character are You?

For those of you who are all kinda curious as to which character you would be. I realise that not everyone will know who Julia is, but don't worry, she'll show up eventually

So Which Character Am I?Collapse )


Happy Bonfire Night

Or Guy Fawkes Night, whichever you prefer.

To all non-British peoples, Happy November 5th~